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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Denovali Records DEN 264
Release Year: 2016
Note: ANKLAM is the 43th release by N (counting everything released, also split albums and single tracks), and contains three tracks where the use of distortion, chorus and hissing goes to the extreme, the wonderful first track 'Daemmerung' operates completely on the border between yearningful guitar polyharmonies, noise and silence, and creates an atmosphere which is pretty unique... all is recorded direct to two-track via guitar & amp, evolving naturally.. lim. 100
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Thick rough cardboard covers, black polylined inner sleeves, 180g black vinyl, strictly limited to 100 copies.

N is the moniker of Dortmund-based German experimental guitarist Hellmut Neidhardt. In line with the release of his collaboration record with SANKT OTTEN - Mnnerfreundschaften und Metaphysik - September 2015 sees the release of two further N-related records.

The first one is his latest solo record - N(43) - Anklam -, featuring the three tracks Daemmerung, Restlicht and Requiem. It is a album Neidhardt somehow knew to be located in the dark fields of blinding error and its consequences, thus anything there might be a bit ambiguous in its meanings. From deeply melancholic, coarse-grained waves of sound, buried under tons of beside-noises to the last rearing of the sound of the sun before falling into the sea. And then you are still there, time has stopped, all has stopped. Exept the endless hovering of the requiem. Anklam is once again a direct-two-track recording without any cut and paste, with Neidhardt just using his guitar / FX / amp setup - regardless how it may sound.

The second new record is N(49) Birka, a collaboration with SIMULACRA from Belgium. This is probably the one of N's collaborations that took the longest time to make so far and Neidhardt is happy to take part of the blame for that: Simulacra is known for his very deep, void-like sound aesthetic, with deeply breathing synth sounds without any artifacts around. For this reason it was very difficult for the two collaborators to figure out a corporate sound; they only knew they found this after it had happend at last... Well and from this moment, it was quite easy. Expect a very dark album, with a lot of bass, with N's guitar sometimes emerging from the depth of Simulacra's soundwalls, sometimes working as something like a driving force from underneath; slowly shifting frequencies through endless caverns, reverberating from the black walls. "This record is soo dark, we love it... (and thus are really happy we made it in the end...)." states Neidhardt.