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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Chant de dune mCDR Taalem alm12 mini-jewel-case 2003 €5.00
La Riviere Penchee LP Alluvial Recordings A18 last copies back in stock of this first vinyl release by the French Field-Recording artists who gets more and more recognition these days; beautiful river-scape sounds, has been compared to MICHAEL NORTHAM and THOMAS KNER; lim. 280 gatefold cover 2004 €15.00
Alisen mCD Cloudmirror COSm 04.01 cardboard cover /semi-transparent 5"-CD 2005 €10.50
Fevrier CD Cherry Music cherry-002 back in stock some last copies of this album by the French field recording composer who lives in Taiwan: recordings from wind, weather & environments were used for these 5 greatly processed tracks; comes in oversized cardboard-cover... import from Japan 2006 €13.00
TW04-05 CD Editions ERE ere01 field rec. from Taiwan 2007 €12.00
Overflows CD Sonoris sns-10 intense composition based on field recordings from Taiwan (natural, industrial & urban environments), combining diverse elements in a masterful, flowing way... 2010 €12.00
Sounds of HORSE. Music for Dance by Yannick Dauby do-CD & BOOK Kalerne / Atelier Hui-Kan pieces taken from six soundtracks for a Taiwanese contemporary dance company named HORSE; excellent field recording based tracks using animal voices, urban soundscapes, electronic processions; comes in a full-colour / glossy book-like fold-out sleeve with pictures of the performances & additional texts 2011 €15.00
Tai-pak thia sa pian CD Kalerne kal03 / Atelier Hui-Kan three sound compositions based on environmental recordings made in Taipeh, Taiwan; - three ways of listening to the urban soundscape of Taiwan's capital; comes in very nice oversized gatefold cover with embossing 2011 €14.50
蛙界蒙薰 ( Wā Ji Mng Xūn ) LP Ini.Itu # 1301 field recordings from amphibians made in Taiwan 2004-2012 are combined with modular synth-sounds for an amazing soundscape....lim. 250 copies, great artwork again in this nice series from Belgium 2013 €13.50
一流水 tsi̍t lu tsu (Penghu Experimental Sound Studio Vol. 1) LP Discrepant CREP 15 two side-long compositions based mainly field recordings and arranged object sounds while staying in a certain region of TAIWAN: sounds from the seashores, sellers in the village, rituals of a temple nearby, underwater plants, harbours, funeral music, radio snippets, improvations on objects found at the beach and analog electronics.... very detailed & complex musique concrete / nature sound collages; lim. 300 2015 €19.50
廠 (chang, factory) CD Kalerne kal05 environmental recordings made in a hydraulic factory in Taiwan served as a basis for this ghostly and eerie 'industrialized ambience' composition (a one tracker of 43 min), mirroring the atmosphere of deserted industrial areas with half broken factories, populated by machines & alienated workers... concrete metal and machine sounds jerk into the amorph isolation drones, the gloomy soundtrack to our globalized culture... absolutey stunning & surprising work !! 2015 €12.00
Echoes as Messengers CD Kalerne kal07 a sound installation for a public art project of the National Taiwan University => ultrasonic voices of the 'Japanese House Bat' were transformed & re-arranged with the help of analogue electronics and digital processing, amazing organic sounds merge with subtle / unusual electronics and create a special, very minimal aural environment... "Please try to listen to it at low volume, or at dusk, or windows open." 2015 €12.00
Vescagne, Salse CD Kalerne kal06 recordings from the Mediterranean Alpes in France served as source material for two long compositions, inspired by a mineral called "Lignite" (Brown Coal) that was extracted in the mine of Vescagne...with additional 'in-site' improvisations, these sound figurations evolve between the concrete and the flowing into mysterious, whispering atmospheres... lim. 250 copies 2015 €12.00
The Disaster Area CD Semperflorens SF14 dedicated to J.G. BALLARDs novel of the same name , lim. 300 2016 €13.00