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DAUBY, YANNICK - Tai-pak thia sa pian

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Kalerne kal03 / Atelier Hui-Kan
Release Year: 2011
Note: three sound compositions based on environmental recordings made in Taipeh, Taiwan; - three ways of listening to the urban soundscape of Taiwan's capital; comes in very nice oversized gatefold cover with embossing
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"Produced by Kalerne Editions and published in Taiwan by Atelier Hui-Kan. 'Three sound compositions (2008, 2009, 2011) by sound artist Yannick Dauby, based on field recordings of Taipei city and its surroundings. Inspired by the Ghost Festival and the ambiences of Summertime, by the evolution and modernity of the urban environment, by the now extinct plain aborigines who once lived in the Taipei basin, these works are reflecting three ways of listening the urban soundscape of Taiwan's capital. Produced by Kalerne Editions and published by Atelier Hui-Kan in Taiwan, December 2011. 'Nous, les dfunts' Field recordings and composition : Summer 2008. Commission by SilenceRadio.org Belgium, 2008. 'Taipei 2030'. Recorded and composed between June and August 2009. Commission by The Positive Soundscape, UK, 2010. First presentation during the festival Expo Leeds, UK, September 2010, organized by Sound and Music. 'Ketagalan' Commission by Purepresence, first presentation at Parisonic Hear & Now, Paris, june 2011." [label info]


"Its not easy to write something about a disc like this. Yannick Dauby lives since four years in Taipei, which he both loves and hates. Like any good composer would do is to tame the noise of the city by recording it and that's what he does here. In these years he received three commissions dealing with the environment of Taipei, from Belgium, the UK and France. These three commissions are now collected on this CD. Taipei is not a city I have been too, or in fact any far East city, except for some Japanese cities, which are perhaps more western oriented - I am merely assuming here. So without ever sensing the noisiness of Taipei, I think these three compositions give me a very accurate impression of what that city is like. Lots of traffic noise, public transport system, people talking on the market and the electricity that sometimes comes with it. Towards the end of 'Taipei 2030' there is also quietness and tranquility with just a few sparse sounds. Maybe Dauby envisages himself as
the mayor of Taipei banning all noise? Maybe not. The final piece 'Ketagalan' is also not very noisy and loud but seems to be concentrating on the more ethnic sounds of the city, like a search for some original Eastern ethnicity in the country. It deals less with the modern city bursting with noise than with background of the country itself. This makes that these three pieces differ quite a lot from eachother, each bringing out a certain aspect of city sounds and make this a highly varied work. Excellent work of composed field recordings." [FdW/Vital Weekly]