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DAUBY, YANNICK - The Disaster Area

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Semperflorens SF14
Release Year: 2016
Note: dedicated to J.G. BALLARDs book of the same name YANNICK DAUBY has created two unusual, immersive tracks full of strange concrete debris sounds that could have been emerged from abandoned industrial sites or wastegrounds, slowly developing into more floating archaic drones based on metal bangs and overtunes and unknown sources, a dystopian "object-sound" symphony of the highest degree, think of JIM HAYNES, JEREMIE MATHES or TARAB; lim. 300
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"Yannick Dauby is french sound artist. He curently lives in Taiwan and teaches at The Graduate Institute of Musicology and is also actively engaged in creative activity.

Yannick is known for his love of wildlife, which is reflected in his work.

His new album The Disaster Area is dominated by the industrial theme, inspired by the eponymous mystical-psychological work of J.G. Ballard. The album is divided into two parts, which are in some way opposed to each other."

" Eight hundred feet below him unending lines of trucks and rail cars carried away the rubble and debris, and clouds of dust swirled up into
the arc lights blazing down from the roof.
As he watched a chain of explosions ripped along the wall on his left
and the whole face suddenly slipped and fell slowly toward the floor,
revealing a perfect cross-section through fifteen levels of the city."

The Concentration City. J.G. Ballard. 1957