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Fragments of Night LP Invisible Birds ib004 US american collective performing subtle, dusky handplayed drones on bells, tibetan bowls, cello, harmonium, guitars, etc... using also field recordings and record player, as an homage to INGMAR BERGMAN & SVEN NYKVIST - "a direct response to music recorded or released in 1969"; very nice & with energetic climax on Side B; lim. ed. gatefold-cover 2012 €17.50
Lost Beyond Telling CD + DVD Invisible Birds ib006 second album after the nice "Fragments of Night" LP by this drone-collective from US, feat. a re-interpretation of the first album & additional material + 3 films on the DVD; beautiful poetic / transcension ambience, inspired by many French poets such as BAUDELAIRE, and others.. lim. 500, much recommended !! 2012 €15.00
An Anatomy of Melancholy LP Invisible Birds ib008   2015 €18.00