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INGENTING KOLLEKTIVA - An Anatomy of Melancholy

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Invisible Birds ib008
Release Year: 2015
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €18.00

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"Recordings revolving around the atmosphere of George Bchner's Lenz and various melancholies provoked by Robert Burton, the recordings of Krzysztof Penderecki and the idea of Lontano (as from a distance / distant), the textures of Jordi Savall (La Guirnalda de Rosas inspired by a fragment from Saval's Mare Nostrum) and Ingmar Bergman. Recorded 2010-2015. May pain be my reward.

released November 19, 2015

Edited and constructed by Matthew Swiezynski
Artwork by Mathias Fludd
Design by Matthew Swiezynski
Mastered by Taylor Deupree

Electric guitar on Religious Melancholy in Defect by James Hamilton
Acoustic guitar on Lenz Two. Bchner guitar solo by Johannes d'glise
Field recordings by Tarrl Lightowler & Matthew Swiezynski
All tracks recorded in Arthur de Eriomm's rural library Casa di Memoria

Instruments :
64' jazzmaster, 72' telecaster, jazzmaster japonesque, twin reverb, vibro champ, pedals, samples, harmonium, bells, strings, and lp feedback" [label info & credits]


"An impressive literary, cinematic, and musical knowledge base is at the root of the Ingenting Kollektiva's inspiration for crafting their hauntological compositions of spectral minimalism. "May pain be my reward" is a line of text taken from an incomplete 1836 play by Georg Buchner, later adapted by Herzog in 1979 for film and various theater groups over the centuries; and that text becomes the central tenant to the Kollektiva's An Anatomy Of Melancholy, that mines the dissonance of Penderecki through the lens of the guitar-n-pedal, buzzsaw blur of Maeror Tri, Mirror, and even some of the less low-end centered works of SUNNO))). The backmasked incantation and the snippets of dialogue further the shadowy references to an occluded and arcane ritual of an otherworldly mysticism. Beautiful, spiritual, and haunted all at once!" [Aquarius Records]