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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Invisible Birds ib004
Release Year: 2012
Note: US american collective performing subtle, dusky handplayed drones on bells, tibetan bowls, cello, harmonium, guitars, etc... using also field recordings and record player, as an homage to INGMAR BERGMAN & SVEN NYKVIST - "a direct response to music recorded or released in 1969"; very nice & with energetic climax on Side B; lim. ed. gatefold-cover
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"ingenting kollektiva members : diane granahan, kirston lightowler, tarrl lightowler, matthew swiezynski. edited and constructed by : diane granahan & matthew swiezynski (side a), kirston lightowler & tarrl lightowler, (side b). recorded in the drei gewsser barn, rain storm recording 25.12.2009 & drei gewsser studios 27.12.2009 & oiseaux invisibles studios, california 2011. instruments : bells, bowed tibetan prayer bowl, cello, field recordings, guitars, harmonium, loops, nightingale devise, portable 78 player (ravel's gaspard de la nuit, walter gieseking), psaltery, tenor sax, shakuhachi flute (watazumido-shuso). mastered by taylor deupree. the ingenting kollektiva is an homage to ingmar bergman and sven nykvist. fragments of night refers back 40 years to numerous recordings gathered around 25.12.2009 at drei wasser." [label info/credits]

" 'ingenting' translates from swedish as 'nothing', and this american collective draw inspiration from the cinematic master of nihilism, ingmar bergman, on their beautiful debut fragments of night. the two sprawling tracks dislocate the source material of guitar, bowls, psaltery, saxophone and field recordings through an organic crosshatching of delay and loop techniques. sombre melodies and sodden textures emerge out of their droning psychedelic improvisations as a sensible take on variation and repetition, coming to a comparatively violent climax at the end of side B with an abrasive arpeggio of tremolo-clipping violin scrapes. even with this crashing conclusion, the 'nothingness' which speaks
through the recordings is not an existential hammer declaring the death of god, but RATHER SUBLTE AND POIGNANT EXPOSITION ON LONELINESS." [Jim Haynes, THE WIRE]

"I don't think I heard about Ingenting Kollektiva, which members include Diane Granahan, Kirston Lightowler, Tarrl Lightowler and Matthew Swiezynski. Diane and Matthew play on side A and Kirston and Tarrl on side B. "The kollektiva seeks to issue recordings that are meditations on the quality of light, sound and atmosphere created by Ingmar Bergman and Sven Nykvist". You could expect them to release DVDs which are promised for the future. Here on LP, they play a variety of instruments, like bells, bowed tibetan prayer bowl, cello, field recordings, guitars, harmonium, loops, nightingale devise, portable 78 record player, psaltery, tenor sax and shakuhachi. I am not entirely sure if I would have been able to pick out all of these instruments on the two lenghty cuts on either side of the record. What it doesn't mention is - perhaps - the amount of processing that takes place on this record. Everything seems melted and molted around some sort of treatment, acoustically (more on side b
than on side a it seems) and electronically (vice versa obviously). Obviously we are dealing here with highly atmospheric music, which fits the Mirror tradition quite nice. Atmospheric music but with a sharper edge, and a great sense of experimentalism. From the description one could think this more like wishy-washy new age type of music, but the darker textures of this record work quite nice. Maybe indeed a great soundtrack to a Bergman movie, overlooking some lakes in Sweden and lots of silence among the actors. Haunting and haunted indeed. I wonder what their own films be like. Very nice." [FdW/Vital Weekly]