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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Marijn LP Burning World Records BWR002 vinyl-version of the first album by this dutch project, creating suspenseful digital ambience based on instrumental sounds (guitar piano)... a very own style 2007 €15.50
Mort aux Vaches CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches finally a new release in the great MORT AUX VACHES-series, this time from the ambitioned dutch project, comes in special hardcover with stamped info... 2008 €15.00
Ranonkel CD Burning World Records BWR003 six tracks of post industrial ambience, mainly based on piano & guitar sounds... the second widely distributed album; last copies ! 2008 €12.00
Daas CD Cold Spring Records CSR128CD collection of material coming mainly from rare / deleted releases, feat. RICHARD SKELTONs material on the previously unreleased title-track & GREG HAINES as violin-player performing. Very slow & beautiful melancholich dronescapes, recommended ! 2010 €12.00
Vloed CD Cold Spring Records CSR138CD 4 long extracts of live-recordings played 2006-2008: melancholic waves of airy soundclouds, soft immersive dronescapes, excellent stuff & recording quality, recommended ! 2010 €12.00
Sol Sketches CD Machinefabriek very introspective & silent piano-sketches & drones, like little melancholic paintings; => music for the soundtrack of a documentary about SOL LEWITT (written by CHRIS TEERINK); comes with scratchpad! 2011 €12.00
Veldwerk CD Cold Spring Records CSR156CD collection of rare tracks from 7", mCDRs, an audio video installation (with STEVE RODEN) and a soundtrack to a film by MAKINO TAKASHI; excellent stuff again with a stronger focus on more experimental / noisy / field recording material 2011 €12.00
15/15 LP Worm Records WORMREC 4276 15/15 is a composition for 'Soundpiece', a soundart installation that happened in Rotterdam (NL) with 32 speakers used in an area of 30 by 30 meters, installed under the floor of a square: fifteen sine tones with freq. between 150 to 9000 hertz are repeated in different intervals, thus creating a very focused and stringent, almost ZEN-like acoustic structure... the B-side is a backwards remix and sounds more floating and atmospheric... lim. 200 yellow vinyl 2012 €15.00
Secret Photographs CD Important Records IMPREC366 soundtrack to a "still images" film by MIKE HOOLBOOM, using photographs by legendary bank robber ALVIN KARPIS; "dreamlike, barely moving structures"... 2012 €14.00
Stroomtoon CD Nuun Climax NUUN 11 dense new work creating a "electrically supercharged" ambient atmosphere using glissando-drones, sinus-tones, crackles as basis.. 2012 €13.00
Vergezichten 10inch Alien Transistor N 31 two track 10" with dense rhythmic material in the typical refined MACHINEFABRIEK-droneway, based on saxophon, voice & drumcomputer-sounds that are highly stretched & processed.. 2013 €10.00
Drum Solos LP Backwards BW12 wonderful subtle tunes based on solo drum treatments and acoustic explorations of the 'material' (created with sticks, mallets, bow and tuning forks) - this doesn't sound like a "usual" drum-kit at all, it's more like a very atmospheric & slow version of JON MUELLERs electro-acoustic drum compositions... lim. 300 2014 €12.50
Dubbeltjes CD Zoharum ZOHAR 063-2 compilation of rare works from mostly deleted releases (11 tracks recorded 2008-2013), showing the wide range of MACHINEFABRIEKS musical territory, often focusing on specific sounds or certain instruments, more like studies for exploring acoustic objects...a very nice collection and good starting point to explore MACHINEFABRIEKs sound dimension. lim. 300 2014 €12.00
Stillness Soundtracks CD Glacial Movements GM022 film-soundtracks for a series of "cinematic landscapes" filmed in the Arctic & Antarctic by ESTHER KOKMEIJER; an execution of almost elegant quietness, drones & electronics combined with classical instruments... "Instead of the original first thought of making dark, cold soundscapes, the bleak mountains of ice are now colored by lush arrangements and even quite romantic theme.." [Rutger Zuydervelt] 2014 €13.00
The Measures Taken CD Zoharum ZOHAR 091-2 a score for a dance choreography by ALEXANDER WHITLEY (with the same name) based on the theme "Men versus Machine", apart from the typical delicate MACHINEFABREIK ambience this goes at times into very abstract / electro-acoustic / challenging areas, with lots of concrete noises, crackles and cut-ups, a surprising and intense work for the dutch sound artist! lim. 300 2015 €13.00
Wendingen CD Zoharum ZOHAR 117 a collection of remixes MACHINEFABRIEK did with other artists material, between 2005-2015: GARETH HARDWICK, AMON TOBIN, AARON MARTIN, DIJVAN GASPARYAN, WOUTER VAN VELDHOVEN, and many more.. 79+ minutes, 13 tracks in total, some appeared only on very limited CDRs or tapes... lim. 300 2016 €12.00
Assemblage (Gathered Eccentrics 2010-2016) CD Zoharum ZOHAR 134-2 the second collection of rare tracks from compilations, collaborations and other unreleased material on Zoharum, after "Dubbeltjes" from 2014 => 15 tracks that also serve as a perfect introduction into the subtle micro-worlds of this dutch project; lim. 300 2017 €12.00