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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Burning World Records BWR002
Release Year: 2007
Note: vinyl-version of the first album by this dutch project, creating suspenseful digital ambience based on instrumental sounds (guitar piano)... a very own style
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"After countless self-released 3" CD-Rs, heres the first more widely distributed full-length LP by Holland's Rutger Zuydervelt presenting six tracks of post-industrial ambience. Zuydervelt works with live instruments, mostly piano and guitar, and intense computer processing to create gloomy instrumentals. Zuydervelt's tracks develop very slowly and he takes all the time in the world to push them to the level of density his music requires. The album starts with the snaps and crackles of "Kreukeltape", its treated piano giving the track a distinct deteriorating charme. "Somerset" features Zuydervelt on guitar and has a very physical presence to it, mostly through the noisy digital hiss in the background. In "J'espиre Zuydervelt delicately layers feedback and white noise on top of a repeating piano theme. The magnum opus of "Marijn" is the 18 minute album ender "Lawine" though. Zuydervelt starts looping piano, but soon departs from there and plays a menacing melody followed by a transistory section that leads to the grand finale: A five minute noise orgy that sounds like plugging headphones into the turbine of an Airbus. This is quite a surprise when compared to the overall quiet nature of the remainder of the LP, but it sums up a very dense and satisfying album." [label info]