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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Nuun Climax NUUN 11
Release Year: 2012
Note: dense new work creating a "electrically supercharged" ambient atmosphere using glissando-drones, sinus-tones, crackles as basis..
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" 'Stroomtoon can be translated as 'the sound of electricity'. The album was constructed with hours of material I recorded while experimenting with a new live setup, using an analogue tone generator and some looper pedals. The pure sines of the generator and the static and crackling sounds of that old and dusty machine gave me a nice myriad of sounds to work with, creating endless loops and textures. The original idea was to use parts of these recordings in unedited form, but playing around with these soundfiles was so much fun, and gave me so much possibilities that the end result became much more layered and detailed, while still keeping the raw energy of the original material intact. Hopefully you, the listener, will find this an electrifying album.' Rutger Zuydervelt was born on 28 July 1978 in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands), but now resides in Rotterdam. He started working as Machinefabriek in 2004. The name (meaning 'machine factory') was on the faade of a building Rutger passed everytime he went shopping for groceries. Except for a few piano and guitar lessons when he was young, Rutger didn't study music. Instead, he graduated as a graphic designer. The sleeves of his releases are practically always designer by Rutger himself, being a crucial part of the music." [label info]


"A full on new release by Machinefabriek, solo and in the conventional format of a real CD. It seemed a rarity recently. Rutger Zuydervelt uses his trusted set of effect pedals, field recordings, mixer, computer but leaves away the guitar in favor of an analogue tone generator, radio and korg monotron, which you see everywhere these days. With this relatively easy set up Zuydervelt creates fine electronic mood music. I would like to add 'as only he can do' but that's not the case. He creates fine electronic mood music as various people can do, and Zuydervelt belongs to the top league of the genre. That much I can say, and this new album, with four shorter pieces and one long one (LP length, perhaps a LP version is imminent somewhere?) is a pretty strong affair. Moving away from the ambient atmospheres of his earlier work, he now has some very nice pieces of sustaining tones, crackles, hiss, static and puts them together in a lovely collage of sound. Not through rapid editing, but slow
fading into new worlds all the time. These five pieces flow in natural way into each other, especially since the first piece is the longest, and already moving through various phases here. Altogether a great album, and surely one of the best of Machinefabriek in recent times. Changing the menu slightly, which is always good in my book, while staying close to what he normally does. Excellent all around." [FdW/Vital Weekly]