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Two new Drones are out finally, and these will be the last ones in the series, which closes with number DR-100 !

DR-99 WYRM - Divination Bones picture-7"
(US; excellent abstract drone-experimentalism by this mysterious project by the long active ALLAN ZANE. The second ever PICTURE-disc on Drone Records, comes in extreme handmade / handpainted cover & parchment inlay, numbered ed. of only 250 copies!!)

DR-100 SPIRACLE - Evestrum 7"
(Japan/Switzerland; two pieces of sublime Drone-Muzak, mesmerizing and mind-expanding sonic clouds. The project of HITOSHI KOJO. Comes on clear vinyl in handmade cotton wool & gauze bandage cover, something you haven't seen before!! This is the final statement in the Drone Records 7inch series!! Lim. 300)

Some more personal words to the ending of the Drone 7"-series:
Back in the spring of 1993 the first Drone Records EP was released (DR-01: MAEROR TRI) with the aim of supporting the global vinyl and "experimental atmospheric" music scene as well as the ideals of the cassette- and mail-art network (selfmade artwork, uncommerciality, personal communication).
We now celebrate reaching the 100th release in the Drone Records-series - these last two EPs will end it. We hope this series contributed making the notion of "Drone Music" as well known as it is today, an own genre-defying style. 17 years ago hardly anyone heard of "Drones" or used the phrase "droning" for this kind of music. We always took the concept "Drone" to be more than just a musical genre, but rather as a specific state of consciousness connected to sound. THE DRONE as a psychological and physical phenomenon can evoke a state of pure sensual perception & contemplation. It builds a connection to everything that hums & vibrates (including earth & cosmos), the deliverance of language & thought, and facilitates a holistic "All is One, One is All" experience. PURE SOUND. "The Drone" always was there and will always be!
The series is finalized with two very special releases featuring incredible handmade designs.
A million thanks to all who supported us over the years !!


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