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Due to problems at the pressing-plant the four new Drones (planned release-date Feb. 20) will be ready only about four weeks later (mid March). Watch out for:

DR-89: SHRINE - Distorted Legends, Pt. 1 (Bulgaria; more daring experimental drones from eastern Europe reminding on BAD SECTOR for example, rough & atmospheric and at times melodic)
DR-90: NOISE DREAMS MACHINA - IN / OUT (Spain; great electro-acoustic drones of high complexity from the Berlin / Barcelona - based artist OSCAR MARTIN)
DR-91: MOLJEBKA PVLSE - lvde dings (Sweden; mesmerizing magneto-drones from Swedens new drone-star, so dense and impervious)
DR-92: XABEC - Feuerstern (Germany; long planned, finally out: two wonderful new tracks by the prolific german artist, comes in cardboard-box with golden print / lettering!)

Subscribers will be informed automatically once the new drones are ready. Thanks for your patience.

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