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Dear Droners, here's the year ending update for December '23 / January '24 (6th Newsflash in 2023) !

In a difficult year and setting we can offer you again some interesting aural artefacts. Big droning thanks to all supporters and friends!

[PDF version download => https://download.dronerecords.de/NewsflashDec23.pdf]

LABEL ANNOUNCEMENT: two new albums in our CD series "SYM", out in January '24 !!:
CONTRASTATE - Life without Agriculture CD (Drone Records SYM:05)
an album as "re-imagining" some of the DADAist, futurist, and surrealist clubs of the 20th century, from Moscow 1918 over Tehran 1966 to M?nster 1997; a multifaceted and surprising work by the British post industrial + ambient performance trio
MOLJEBKA PVLSE - Topography of Frequency and Time CD (Drone Records SYM:06)
the Swedish ambient experimental and electro-acoustic project with the sixth release in our new CD series, applying the concept of TOPOGRAPHY to sounds and time, which can be interpretated 'geographically' like a landscape in a similar way..

.. as alway, after countless hours of listening, we can't help to name some personal recommendations:
JIM HAYNES - Inauspicious LP (Helen Scarsdale) - masterful new album by the Californian decay ambient composer, really "archaic" drone music, swirling like a lava maelstrom in your veins..
MURMER - Periodic Exercises in (f)utility [homework 2016-2022] do-CD ( Kokeshidisk / taalem) - awesome field and object recording "ambience" (sounds from harbours, water, grain, oil, nylon strings..) with a special emotional touch and sensitivity
ZSOLT SORES - Astro-Noetic Chiasm (Ahad's Flux Worlds 2) LP (Fourth Dim) - the Hungarian sound artist with a stunning 42 min. multi-layered & massive, instrumental based / electro-acoustic drone piece, performed live at "Ultraschall Berlin" in Jan. 2022
V.A. - Musical Offering [М​у​з​ы​к​а​л​ь​н​о​е П​р​и​н​о​ш​е​н​и​е] CD (Cold Spring) - historic recordings (1971) made with the fascinating Soviet AMS synth (you can 'draw' music wiithout notes) from contemporary Russian composers... for the first time on CD!
GIOVANNI LAMI - Monumento Fiume LP (Kohlhaas) - sound study of the "anthropic landscape" of Cotignola (Ravenna, Italy), the memory and character of a certain region is transfered and condensed into an unusual electronic composition
JANA WINDEREN - The Blue Beyond LP (Touch) - two ound installations in order to raise awareness for the environmental issues of our society, contains fascinatinng Ocean and Underwater recordings + processings

Please send your orders & all communication to: drone@dronerecords.de, or use the order system on the website. Please always mention the PRICES with your order! Full Stock List link at the bottom...
& best drones from... BarAka[H]

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