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Dear Droners, more food for the soul is needed, here's the big springtime update for April / May 2003 (2nd Newsflash in 2023) !

Personally recommended: Five records and one book for the lonely island! :

FERREYRA, BEATRIZ - Senderos de luz y sombras LP (Recollection GRM) : NEW 16-channel piece which was constructed 2016-2020, inspired by astrophysics and universal questions of the pre-Big Bang and the Unconscious...
HAYNES, JIM - Turbulence LP (Verlautbarung) : awesome new album by the Californian 'rust & decay' droner, rattling noises of electricity, shortwave, corroded metal, vibrating glass...
MODELBAU - X BOOK + CD (Korm Plastics) : immersive ambience as a conceptual practise! Beautiful full colour book (about 100 pages) giving a full insight into FRANS DE WAARDs main project, full chronology, cover pics, live shows & ideas behind..
HATAMI, P. & MONOLOGUE - La Commune CD (Midira) : excellent, haunting online collab - one long piece, many silent micro sounds and drones, mostly unrecognizable, very hazy and strange and beautiful, as coming from another dimension...
DE SANTIS, CORRADO M. - Ruins MC (Midira) - majestic, orchestral, dark harmonic & monumental soundscapes based on multiple guitar layers & more..
MIZUTANI, K - Inferior's Betrayal do-LP (Ferns Recordings) re-issue of a rare cassette from 1994 with 5 long tracks, subtle scraping+scratching+banging acoustic objects sounds, water and feedback...

Please send your orders & all communication to: drone@dronerecords.de, or use the order system on the website. Please always mention the PRICES with your order! Thanks!!
& best drones from... BarAka[H]

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