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Drone Records launches a new CD series named "SYM" which could be understood as a place holder for different notions and inner processes (such as Symmetrization, Symbiosis, Symbolization), forming an epistemological circle of inter- relations (associated with the act of perceiving and understanding sound on a substantial level)...

The first two CDs are OUT NOW:
SYM : 01: JARL - Misophonia Colours
Swedish hypno-droner JARL starts the series with a longform, trance-inducing drone/ambient piece, shaping audio ornaments like visual forms, playing a game with your head... a 60 min. one-tracker.
Mastering: PETER ANDERSSON (raison d'etre) / Artwork: TILMANN BENNINGHAUS

SYM : 02: ILLUSION OF SAFETY - New Rules, Same Game, Less Instruction
Chicago's post- / ambient industrial legend is back with a work that combines electronic sounds and field recordings: microscopic audio events, loops, heavily processed material of all kinds form seven multi-layered collages that seem to be full of electro-magnetic static, morphing and transforming like a hallucinogenic object in every second and in all possible directions..
Mastering: THOMAS DIMUZIO / Artwork: DAN BURKE

Editions of 250 copies / 6 panel digipak with special b/w reverse board printing for the IOS

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