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The Newsflash for October 2021 has been mailed out today (#5 for this year).
It is also available as PDF-file download from =>

Dear Droners, we hope you are all safe and sound, here's the update for October 2021 (5th "Newsflash" this year) !

LABEL ANNOUNCEMENT: out in a few days !! => V.A. - Drone-Mind // Mind-Drone Vol. 8 LP [lim. 400]
finally the new DRONE-MIND compilation with an exquisite selection of experimental / "advanced" drone highlights: AUME (U.S.A.), KAZUYA ISHIGAMI (Japan), HIROSHIMABEND (Austria), and BALDRUIN (Germany); cover-art by puppy38, using two paintings by British artist PETE GREENING; edition of 400 copies on TURQUOISE coloured VINYL. Mastering : PETER ANDERSSON.

Five new Albums for the lonely Island:
ERIC LA CASA - Installations CD (Swaming) : environmental recordings from four installation works; highly intimate & sometimes almost like an earplay...
JARL - Hyperacusis LP (Zoharum) : very limited LP-only release by the Swedish hallu-droner..
SOMEI SATOH - Emerald Tablet / Echoes LP (WRWTFWW) : re-issue of two contemplation drone classics, a sinking into amorph waters..
TIBETAN RED / THE OVAL LANGUAGE / DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE - The Breath of the Hydra CD (Attenuation Circuit) : complex experimental collages / mail
art with "the special touch"..
DEUPREE, TAYLOR - Mur LP (Dauw) : minimal ambience based on piano sounds, wonderfully transformed..
....as always, there's much more to find & cherish below!

Please send your orders & all communication to: drone@dronerecords.de, or use the order system on the website. best drones! BarAka[H]

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