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The Newsflash for August 2021 has been mailed out today (#4 for this year).
It is also available as PDF-file download from =>

Dear Droners, we hope you are all safe and sound, here's the update for AUGUST 2021 - 4th "Newsflash" this year !

NEW RELEASE OUT = LABEL ANNOUNCEMENT: SUB-29 TAUMEL - In Pieces Vol. One 10" vinyl (Substantia Innominata SUB-29) 16,00
a most unusual release in our 10" series by this newly formed German duo (one member is a main actor in the cryptic Netflix series 'DARK', the other a prof. percussionist playing in diverse orchestras), moving beyond / between / inside various genres (improvisation & composition, collage, jazz "rock" noir, folk and ambience), well-shaped from various sessions with Berlin's ENSEMBLE ADAPTER = > a kind of "acoustic theatre" or "surrealistic soundpoem" going through various contradictory emotional states that will leave you simply astonished...

Some Mailorder Highlights and personal recommendations: Massive new box-set releases on Vinyl-On-Demand/>VOD (see "recent arrivals"), the MATIERE MEMOIRE art 12" series # 11-20 (with most excellent BERANGERE MAXIMIN and CARLOS CASAS 12"es), DAVID (TIBETs) first two solo albums, new collector's books on KORM PLASTICS, the outstanding TIME ENDS compilation dedicated to the first four novels of British cult writer J.G.BALLARD (CD available now, do-LP available only at the end of 2021), (harsh) noise re-issues on URASHIMA and FREAK ANIMAL, a new ethereal LUSTMORD work (with singer KARIN PARK), the excellent TIETCHENS / MIKI YUI collab on LP and CD, rare recordings from W.S.BURROUGHS & BRION GYSIN (LP), a new ORGANUM ELECTRONICS album (CD) and a much needed re-issue of NWWs master piece "Sylvie & Babs" (pic-LP)... and we especially like to recommended SEEMANNs new CDR "Schleuse" and the do-LP by ANTHONY MOORE with THERAPEUTISCHE H?RGRUPPE K?LN, which feels like an audio - archaeological document, along with GYDJA's new dark ambient masterpiece.. (CD on Winter-Light)... + much more to discover of course!!
Please send your orders & all communication to: drone@dronerecords.de, or use the order system on the website.

best drones! BarAka[H]

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