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These two new 10" releases (of LP length) lead to an area where words and rational thinking are suspended,
and a connection with deeper parts of your mind begins...

JEREMIE MATHES is a French field recording artist (known for some
excellent CDs on Unfathomless) living in Cambodia since some years.
For "Arkhaios" he combined cavernous object drones (recorded at an
abandoned factory site) with various instrumental sounds from ancient
Khmer instruments (Tro u, Khim), all highly processed. You get the
impression as being under the earth in a place populated by metallic
amoeba or other smallest creatures, inside sewerage ducts or an
deserted mine, exposed to the circulation of air...
This is the spirituality of the underworlds! "Dissolving time, space,
mangling sounds collected into a simulacrum of altered realities. A
oneiric junction between the concrete world and other unknown
territories." [J. Mathes]
ed. of 300 copies, black vinyl, Artwork by Stijn Deprez, based solely
on pictures realised by J?r?mie Mathes.

Italy's Cristiano DEISON enriches the experimental sound and noise
art community with his releases and various collaborations (lately
more than 20 years, but seems to be still undiscovered by too many
listeners. "Substrata" collects three extremely crystalline and
immersive drone pieces based on prepared tapes, metals, strings,
wires and electronics... imagine a forest glade in moon-light with
cold white sonic radiations, half-frozen calyx are clanging at each
other, liquid metallic forms appear and disappear, hypnotic slow
motion pulses suck you into.. "something"... these are incredible
strong, deep and complex drone compositions, drones with the spirit
of the "Noise Culture" - using "fragmentation, collage, arrangement
and layers", as Germano-Chinese philosoph Lutz Schridde puts it.
Sounds of elementary transformations, metamorphosis, and
overcoming the usual sense of time:
"..where sounds are conceived as they are ôexcavatedö
from the earth beneath our feet ôTerra Firmaö
(erosion) and then taking to the light (awakening); it describes its interior solid surface (ôPrima Materiaö), the primitive formless base of all matter similar to chaos, the quintessence or aether." [Cristiano Deison]

ed. of 300 copies pressed on transparent green vinyl, artwork Cristiano Deison, 32. min playtime

The available back-catalogue in this series includes last copies of legendary Brussels based electroacoustic ensemble NOISE-MAKER'S FIFES, Moscow's post industrial pioneer CISFINITUM, an incredible solo work from RLW aka RALF WEHOWSKY from P16.D4 fame, stunning transcension ambience from
O?PHOI (the only vinyl release by this influencing ambient project from Italy.., and many more:
Please use this link for checking & ordering:

+ for sound samples: https://soundcloud.com/drone-records

All 10" vinyls with full colour cover & pressed on colour vinyl (usually) in editions of 300 / 500 copies

www.substantia-innominata.de // ordering & full mailorder-catalogue at: www.dronerecords.de

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