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Dear Droners, Customers & Listeners,
finally after a long projection & development, the first version of the NEW DRONE RECORDS site is ready !!
We want to express our greatest gratitude to our friends & most helpful & intelligent designers OLEG RAZDELOVSKI and MAKSIM RAVNOVESOV!

You can now browse through our whole mailorder-programme and search for group-names / titles / phrases in "short descriptions" but also in the more extended detail-notes and press-releases. This way you can perfectly find everything you look for and connections to artists that might be unknown so far....
And you can easy send orders or requests from now on through pressing the trolley-symbol.

In the "Artists"-section, infos about Drone Records-artist and photos will be viewable.

In the "Media"-section, background information (press-releases, interviews & articles about Drone, philosophy and psychology of music, etc.. ) will be downloadable or linked.

all the infos & descriptions & cover-pictures will be added gradually...

This first version might contain some unexpected working errors, please report anything that doesn t work the way it should be, or if you have any improvement proposals - we are always happy to hear from you.

thanks & and let the drones flow forever !

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