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the third & final part in the Power Romantic trilogy is finally out on Transgredient Records

Mare morphosis forms the third & final part of TROUMs so called Power Romantic trilogy that started with Mare Idiophonika in 2010. The basic materials & arrangements for this one long epic piece were created from 2009-2013 (partly based on the recordings for the Bach Eingeschaltet, Dritter Band 7inch dealing with experimental reworkings of J.S.BACH pieces) & to some extent used live in different live-programmes: A piece like an Ocean of Transformations, morphing through various stages of intensity. Mare morphosis stands out in the history of TROUM studio-albums as their most symphonic, refined and orchestral effort so far. Cover photography by Paul Takahashi, graphic design by Tilmann Benninghaus (8 panel fold out digipack). First edition: 1000 copies.

Denis Boyer / Fear Drop: Mare morphosis definitely gives Troums music a new dimension, reflecting ancient waves, amplifying the power of Sehnsucht, drumming the drowning heart.

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