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40 Days of Silence LP Von Archives VON 019 soundtrack to a film from SAODAT ISMAILOVA (Uzbekistan) by the always fascinating composer from Denmark who released several albums on TOUCH before....very minimal drone expanses with a special touch... 'a journey into silence and its possible inner variations' - lim. 500 copies, LAST COPY! 2014 €20.00
Black Metal Square LP Important Records IMPREC475LP "Et sic in infinitum, Robert Fludd, 1617" - the philosophic sister release to "Phonurgia Metallis", based on the same basic concept (capturing the resonances and drones from three freely hanging metal plates), but with three different sized BLACK METAL plates (50 x 50 , 75 x 75 and 100 x 100 cm) - originally this was an installation refering to MALEVICHs famous painting "Black Square" - comes in a black sleeve with glittering silver print, hand-numbered ed 100 copies 2019 €39.00
Phonurgia Metallis CD Important Records IMPREC462CD the pure / natural resonances of three large hanging metal-plates (IRON, COPPER, BRASS) that 'play themselves' or are performed by the 'atmosphere' around, captured by piezo sensor and contact speaker microphones.. you can enter the subtle, droning/vibrating acoustic micro-worlds of these metals on these three long pieces (45 min. playtime); - nice concept that reveals again audible hidden worlds.. . ed. of 300 copies 2019 €15.00