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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Lazarus Rising CD Cohort Records CRCD 100 very early (maybe first) KIRCHENKAMPF-release ! Packaged in a black paper sleeve with hand-made front cover, held together by a turquoise bandarole. (The frontcover of every sleeve is slightly different). // http://cohortrecords.0catch.com 1992 €10.00
The first circle CD-R Cohort Records CRCD 102 spray-painted cases // http://cohortrecords.0catch.com 1995 €9.00
The secret life of machines mCD-R Cohort Records CRCD112   2005 €6.50
Island of the Dead CD-R Cohort Records CRCD 122 A one-tracker (almost 43 minutes) with a very dark, almost orchestral sounding electro-acoustic journey with layers out of high-pitched /backwards-effected drones, analogue electronic sounds, eerie voice-material, field recordings, unsettling and beautiful at the same time... if you like dark trips, this is the Island to be..our favourite KIRCHENKAMPF release so far!! 2006 €9.00
Transmissions CD-R Diophantine Discs n = 2 numb. ed. 100 / back in stock few last copies, sold out from the label 2006 €8.00
Babel do-CD Diophantine Discs n = 8,9 the dark droning masterpiece of this US American project; ed. of 500 in cardboard / gatefold sleeve 2007 €16.00
Dark Planet CD-R Cohort Records CRCD 134 a space travelogue; professional cover & duplication 2009 €9.00
Sidereal Lament MC Tape Fiend K7F011 rare cassette-only album by this US project (and permanent insiders tip), relating to the celestial body of the stars; deep bass drones and weighty reverberations appear in fragmented formations... lim. 100, C-65 2014 €8.00