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Lyvv, China Doll CD Staalplaat S.T.CD 060 a collection of studio-material from the original LYVV MC (1990) plus other (at times very experimental) outtakes, 21 tracks in total; now hard to find KA-SPEL album from 1993 back in stock ! 1993 €14.50
The Man who never was 7inch Anomalous Records AN-01 / Robot Records RR 13 we could get some very last copies of this early E.K.single with two exclusive pieces recorded already in 1992 with "LADY LOOP" (Elke Skelter) who also did the artwork; it the very first release on the legendary Seattle based ANOMALOUS Records run by ERIC LANZILLOTTA... covers got some signs of aging, but records are MINT; incl. insert 1996 €8.00
Caste O' Graye Skreeens CD CHI 01CD / World Serpent contains the long one-tracker "Our Captain's Eyes" (53+ min); last copies, still sealed 2001 €13.00
The Textures of Illumina do-CD Caciocavallo CAD 12 a compilation with the material from the 10" with same name, rare compilation tracks and two versions of "Atomic Roses '95", as well as a bonus disc with previously unreleased experiments and re-workings of old songs, recorded throughout 2001 2002 €18.00
O'er A Shalabast'r Tyde Strolt Ay CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt048b CD-version of the album from 2002 which was only available on vinyl so far; comes in oversized gatefold-design 2009 €14.00
Tanith and the Lion Tree CD Cold Spring Records CSR171CD re-mastered re-issue of this beautiful KA-SPEL solo-album from 1991 (Third Mind Rec.) - comes with 3 bonus tracks not on the original CD 2012 €13.00
High on Station Yellow Moon 10inch Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 194t this is the rare companion release to the full-lenght album of the same name, recorded with AMANDA PALMER; the two bonus songs from the CD version, plus one exclusive new track on side two, all previously unreleased on vinyl; lim. 227 copies w. special textured paper cover 2017 €26.00
High on Station Yellow Moon CD Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 194 "There is a station where the train never arrives, where the Waiting Room is always occupied, where the conversation is inevitably awkward and where you're never quite alone, but perpetually almost alone." - a very special, more experimental album ["This deeply strange and proggy solo effort"- Brainwashed] with contributions by AMANDA PALMER (DRESDEN DOLLS); this CD version contains two bonus tracks not on the vinyl version 2017 €15.00
An Abandoned Laboratory Vol. 3 CD-R The Legendary Pink Dots self-released third volume of the trilogy containing lost or rare EK tracks spanning the last 3 decades, comes with printed inlay card, 150 copies - "Included in this collection is 'Amber' now revisited/remastered, hailing from the hyper rare 'handmade' vinyl edition of Trapped in Amber (there named 'Wrapped In Sand') and a previously unreleased version of "Empires Must Burn" which appears on a collaborative album with Philip Petit and Asva." 2018 €15.00
The Moon cracked over Albion CD Neuteka NT001 limited edition CD on the 'new' LPD Terminal Kaleidoscope label, recorded secretly by EK through one full year, with full colour insert w. artwork by the artist + dl-code for extra-track! "Conceived and recorded in a nation (a World?) so tragically divided, it could fall apart, it's hoped that just a few seeds of hope and optimism can be sown over the course of the time you'll spend in this peculiar world." 2019 €18.50
Permission to Leave the Temple 10inch LUMBERTON TRADING COMPANY LUMB032 5-track EP, planned for many years, now finally out => "...where avant-garde abstraction locks horns with molten psychedelia, kosmische sounds, electronica and an approach to songwriting never afraid to go wherever the mood takes... Attached to all of this, as always, are Edward's words, where wry everyday observations can mutate or be twisted into new forms given a distinctive surrealist slant." - lim. 500, artwork by puppy38 aka HIROSHIMABEND 2023 €16.00
Tales from the Trenches LP Lumberton Trading Comp. LUMB033 the successor to the "Permission to Leave the Temple" 10inch from the same label, 8 new studio tracks: *Everything may at first feel ominous or sombre in tone, but theres also a glimmer of hope laid bare in all its sun-drenched glory poking between the cracks.* - 500 copies pressed, 250 copies on brown vinyl, 250 on black 2024 €23.00