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(halb)schwarz CD X-tract x-t 2001 /Edition RZ 4001 'Rolf Julius wonderful world of small sounds' - great drone album with seven floating pieces of hiss, buzz- & whine-sounds. On a microtonal level this world is full of small + smallest strange little details + happenings. Liner notes explain the notion 'Small Sounds', a concept by JOHN CAGE....reminds on works by ANDREW DEUTSCH, RICHARD CHARTIER, ASMUS TIETCHENS... on the PODEWIL-Label from Berlin!" [Drone Rec. info] - BACK IN STOCK; NOW RARE! - with booklet 2001 €15.50
Fr einen kleinen See CD Because Tomorrow Comes btw 05 c back in stock this nice drone/microsound/sound-sculpture album by the German installation-artist who died Jan. 2011, created for a small lake and other natural objects 2003 €14.50
Music for the Ears CD Western Vinyl WEST075 two of the earliest sound art pieces (recorded 1979) by the inventor of "Small Sounds" from Wilhelmshaven, Germany; bamboo flute sounds and electronic tones that sound organic and seem to dance like stalks in the wind... - in an installation in Japan these sounds were played on speakers hanging in a huge bamboo forest... "As the Music suspends itself in the air, the tones sway in the wind floating ever so gently, caressing the Ears, the trees, the light, and clouds." 2010 €14.00
Music for a Distance CD Western Vinyl WV83 kind of farewell-release from this German sound-art & installation artist well known for his microcospic minimal ambience compositions, who died January 2011 2011 €13.00
Raining CD Western Vinyl WV93 third part in the SMALL MUSIC series, and the first posthumous JULIUS-release; the main piece (53+ min, 2007) is based on rain-sounds, along with wind-hiss, micromelodies & beautiful grating noises... very nice aural nature contemplation 2012 €13.00