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IRR.APP. (ext.)

Matt Waldron


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Ozeanische Gefhle CD Helen Scarsdale Ageny HMS002 the 'complex surrealistic drone' masterpiece by IRR.APP(ext.), back in stock, highly recommended! ...surrealistische dronescapes, die pulsieren, mandern, rotieren und einfach LEBEN. In der Tat scheint hier alles in Grenzenlosigkeit zu zerfliessen.... 2004 €14.00
Kreiselwelle CD Helen Scarsdale Agency HMS 016 third part of the trilogy inspired by the life & work of WILHELM REICH; sounds are derived from all kinds of objects being shaped like spirals 2009 €13.00
Josephine & Elsewhere CD-R Errata In Excelsis eie08 13 tracks culled from the first three real IRR.APP.(ext) solo-performances October 2009 (Seattle, Everett, Ballard, WA); as usual, really mind-bending experimental stuff full of surprises & almost undescribable; lim. / numbered / signed ed. 200 copies, contains self-made photo cover, extensive liner notes & handwritten track list & drawing inside!! BACK IN STOCK LAST COPIES 2010 €16.00
Flux / Crayfish MC Errata in Excelsis eieCS002 a "loose re-interpretation" of the classic ORGANUM / EDDIE PREVOST album of the same name from 1987; great powerful drones with ecstatic percussion work and amazing flute sounds on Side B, a phantastic tape!! C-40 MC-only release, professionally manufactured with full-colour cover & printed translucent shell lim. 200 BACK IN STOCK, RARE !! 2011 €11.50
Are all Things Equivalent? 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-26 two new tracks by the master of surrealistic, mysterious sound (and visual) worlds, whose collages and titles often reveal a cryptic and thought-provoking nature => micro- and macroscopic dimensions intermingle and oscillate, multi-layered drone expansions and deep humming drones evoke a strange organic feeling, complex noises and drones that seem to be in a circling state of endless metamorphosis.. lim. 300, clear wax, artwork by MATT WALDRON himself 2019 €15.00