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1967-1975 (String Quartet, etc.) CD Edition RZ 1009 A collection of works from this very experimental New Music ensemble around FRANCO EVANGELISTI, which was build in 1964 and consisted i.e. of members like MARIO BERTONCINI, ROLAND KAYN ! Most stuff here is rather subtle, but always in concrete-noise fields... digipack with booklet 1992 €18.00
Eroina LP Cometa Edizioni Musicali CMT 54 "Recorded at Fono Roma in 1971, Eroina is a series of haunting improvisations - each one inspired by the effects of a different DRUG - made of whirling electronic glitches, skronky horns, pounded piano, funky drums and weird tape experiments delivering the best drone/spaced/drugged out free jazz performed by the legendary ensemble of Ennio Morricone, Mario Bertoncini, Egisto Macchi, Battisti D'Amario, Franco Evangelisti and Walter Bianchi." - lim. 150 on clear / milky vinyl !! 2020 €25.00