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Medea Forgives Jason CD Cyclic Law 197th Cycle when you are listening to DARJA KAZIMIRAs music you immediately have the impression you are a PART of an outlandish ritual, without knowing what really happens, violent and ecstatic and completely transforming you and everything around... this album is a kind of musical psychodrama based on the MEDEA cycle..- " Method Acting war gestern, Darjas geistige,musikalische, psychische und physische Hingabe an ihre Kunst und Musik ist beispiellos..." [Marius Joa / BAD ALCHEMY] 2022 €13.00
Monochromia CD Cyclic Law 188th Cycle intense ethereal ritual muzak with elegiac choir singing and a kind of very dark tuned zither, drones, and other noises, in fact these are funeral chants influenced by ancient Greek culture....- a very strong, improvised work from Latvian artist DARJA KAZIMIRA, imagine an extreme, and experimental, abyssal "drone" version of DEAD CAN DANCE at times.. - this is a re-issue of a digital only album from 2016, lim. 300 copies 2022 €13.00