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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Remember do-CD Tesco Org. tesco067 re-issue with 40 min. bonus material 2007 €16.00
Live in Japan 2003/2007 DVD/CD Tesco 077 DVD/CD two entire live shows from 2003 on the DVD (edited by Frank Merten / HERBST9), selections of two shows 2007 on the CD 2009 €20.00
Live in Japan 2007 LP Tesco 077 LP selections from two live shows Tokyo 2007; contains A2 poster & comes in luxurious glossy gatefold-sleeve, lim. / numb. 888 copies, with printed inner-sleeve 2009 €20.00
Civilization do-CD BOX Tesco Organisation TESCO 115 re-issue of the sought after second GO "Save our Slaves" album (1991) plus a rare live performance (Mannheim Dec. 1990) and diverse compilation tracks and the Klan Kountry 7" (1998) - this limited CD version comes as luxus slipcase (linen-paper, foilblocked & debossed) with ext. 24 page booklet; "Save Our Slaves stands out as the landmark release that definitively executed each hallmark element of sound, visuals and thematic content with flawless accuracy.." [Spektrum Mag] 2017 €28.00
Mind Control CD Tesco Org. TESCO 125 first ever CD re-issue of one of the most sought-after albums in the history of apocalyptic industrial, G.O.'s third album appeared originally as vinyl-only release in 1995 => eerie analogue synths, layers of spoken voice material, sluggish beats and pulses plus powerful noise loops and alienated vocals form a swan song on human mankind; one outtake from the original sessions (too long for the vinyl version) is issued here for the first time! comes w. embossed digipak 2018 €14.00
The Truth will make you free LP Tesco Organisation TESCO 135 20th anniversary, luxurious re-issue of this industrial classic from 1999 (Tesco 040) 'featuring many dark rhythmic industrial pieces filled with the agony of a dying world' ; comes with debossed cover and four inlays / inlay cards and numbering (full ed. 750 copies) 2019 €25.00
Leichenlinie LP Tesco Organisation TESCO 138 new re-issue of GO's much sought-after first LP from 1989 (co-released with DE FABRIEK at that time!) = all previous editions were very limited and sold out very quickly; comes on heavy vinyl, with embossed high-gloss printed cover, insert and a reproduction of an original German II.Word War postcard ("Sterbefallanzeige") that was send to relatives after the death at front.. - "Genocide Organ have mastered the art of manipulating subtle noise frequencies into something utterly captivating."[Sputnik] 2022 €25.00