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Echis Carinatus LP Reue um Reue RUR016 second album by this Spanish dadaistic industrial project comparable to crazed out FAUST, NWW and R. PINHAS: "If the collage aesthetics remain, the incantatory, 'criture automatique' vocals and above all R. Ribas psych rock guitar input invest the opus with a surreal, intensely ritualistic mood, between shamanic trance and psychedelic improvisation" - feat. guests appearances from members of O PARADIS, WERMUT, HIS DIVINE GRACE; lim. 319 copies on grey marbled vinyl 2010 €7.50
Santa Lucia 10inch Reue um Reue RUR031 / Just Another Winter JAW07 limited 10" EP, 6 tracks => "The Barcelonan horde around S. Mndez departs from the psychedelic post-industrial realm to descend into post-BM and occult-rock darkness, haunted by feeble screams, howling choirs and Mndez unmistakable ritualistic invocations. Grim blackened buzz riffs merge with laptop glitches... Blood sacrifice muzak at its best." - about 200 copies exists 2012 €7.50