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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Montauk Project CD Tesco Organisation TESCO 063 special oversized digipack with lenticular-card-cover ! 2005 €16.00
Kubark 10inch Pollution Sonore edition 01 the German industrial project still working on / revealing themes like secret brainwash-methods & psycho manipulation techniques; KUBARK is a special interrogation manual published 1963 to "break" prisoners; this the 'Enlightenment' side of industrial, accompanied with threatening analog / ambient industrial tunes to symbolize the process... eerie stuff, very well arranged ! lim. / numb. 250 on blue (or black) vinyl ! (500 existing in total) 2012 €15.00
ZOON-LOGON-ECHON LP / CD / MC - BOX Tesco Org. TESCO 143 "LET US BLAST OUT OUR OLD FORMS, OUR IGNORANCE, OUR WEAKNESS AND OUR MORTALITY" - the always ambitious North German 'ambient industrial" project with a tryptich of three dark immersive albums on three different formats, released for the 20th year of existence, dealing "with the definition and meaning of being human".. ; lim. 350 copies in box with inlay, logo patch, DL code 2020 €79.00