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All Human is Error LP Workshop of Filthy Creation WLP04 2nd album for this (German born) newcomer from Portland, USA, with a darker, more violent and aggressive version of 70's German "Kosmische" and progressive /space rock, as a collaboration with Japanese drummer BODY HAMMER this was recorded completely with analogue means: "a battery of analog synthesizers, audio generators, and tape machines, as well as slashing, angular guitar and thunderous drums.. erupting into a volcanic hailstorm seething with calculated menace and mayhem" - lim. 200 2022 €23.00
Experiments for Guitar + Machines LP Workshop of Filthy Creation WLP02 debut album for a newcomer from Portland (OR), with a dark version of 60's / 70's German / French Kraut & Progressive Music, created purely on analogue gear (synths, guitar, drums, effects, reminding on HELDON, early KLAUS SCHULZE, CONRAD SCHITZLER... "Mesmerizing analog synthesizer drones collide with abrasive guitar textures to create dense sound collages that blur the distinction between industrial mayhem and ambient calm.." - lim. 100 copies only, US-import !! 2022 €23.00