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Body Music CD Experimental Intermedia Foundation XI 109 music made on the unique self-built 'Long String Instrument' (80 foot long, with 80 strings), creating rich overtune-drones full of waving vibrations... great work back in stock ! 1993 €14.00
Staggered Stasis CD Anomalous Records NOM 29 one of the last releases on the legendary Anomalous Records label from Seattle was this beautiful overtune drone-album by ELLEN FULLMAN, perfecting her Long String Instrument; two long pieces of colourful drone-rays 2004 €15.00
In The Sea do-LP Superior Viaduct SV174LP complex overtune drone music produced on her unique "Long String Instrument" in the 80's (using 25 m long strings!), culled from the two ultra rare tapes "In the Sea" and "Work for 4 Players and 90 Strings" (released after the classic debut LP from 1985), plus the unpublished piece "Work for Two" recorded 1988 at De Fabriek in Den Bosch, Netherlands (!).. "Ethereal and exquisitely paced, these rare recordings capture minimalism's quiet radiance." 2020 €27.50