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Impressioni Organizzate di Ansie Liquide CD Silentes / St.An.Da - 2024 an album we can listen with "REPEAT" modus over and over, with many intimate field recordings and phantastic drone spheres, perfectly arranged... first collab for these two long standing Italian experimental droners.. "...at the sublime juncture of shifting materiality and perception; where the organic transforms into the otherworldly and the synthetic bubbles with life.. - Amplifying the incidental into the mystical and metaphysical" - lim. 200 2020 €12.00
Impressioni Organizzate Di Ansie Liquide (part 1) mCD-R Taalem alm 134 a kind of sister release to the strong CD on Silentes with same title - this contains different material: organic field recordings of water, growling thunder and other elementary nature sounds merge with electronics in a most sublime way... endless REPEAT modus, please ! - a one tracker of 22 min. 2020 €5.50