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Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs do-CD LOKI Foundation LOKI 42 project of one INADE-member. 2nd CD contains remixes by BAD SECTOR, FIRST LAW, ANTLERS MULM, etc.. 2006 €15.00
Four (One unearthly Room) do-CD LOKI Foundation LOKI 63 captivating fourth album by the Leipzig-based project, going into a less electronic / cosmic direction by integrating viola, guitars & strings, and vocals; this is melancholic, slow ambient "Pop" with a romantic edge and deep emotional impact, with a strong 80's touch; feat. PETER BJRG (ARCANA, SOPHIA) as guestsinger and remixes on the bonus CD by KAMMARHEIT, S.E.T.I., HERBST9 and PETER BJRG 2015 €15.00