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An Annotated Phonography of Chance LP Misantrophic Agenda MAR051ot specified the idiosyncratic (& very musical) soundworld of MARK VERNON is hardly comparable to anything else, these pieces have been mainly derived from field recordings in Portugal (created for an uncompleted 16mm film).. => "These ten tracks that span forty minutes are woven with zags and fluctuating warp that brings to mind the inversion of a jazz trumpet, its brackish and suspenseful.... A visionary tale of chance and observation." [TJ Norris] 2019 €18.00
Time Deferred LP Gagarin Records GR2041 MARK VERNON, the Scottish all-genre breaker, is back with a new album on FELIX KUBIN's GAGARIN RECORDS - "Muted and sepulchral, these tracks are in a minor key, a key which opens the door to a damp cellar of the imagination. Too-many legged spiders crawl over dusty violins. Time lurches, loops and echoes like excursions on slow motion railways in reverse. Concrete noir sombre sances for non-believers. Tauntological voices from the past provoke us.." - 300 copies, DENNIS TYFUS cover art 2022 €22.50