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Puja CD Gterma 048 the long active composer from New Zealand with his second album on Gterma => he creates strong ethno-ambient compositions with old Asian influences and dark monolithic drone passages..."Consciously or unconsciously you can feel that something has changed in the environment. That a touch of mystique has penetrated into your regular day like any other day." - 7 long tracks, 73+ min., full colour booklet 2016 €13.00
Chakra CD Gterma 059 DAVID PARSONs third "deep synth ambient" album on Gterma, inspired by the seven Chakras - "a 62-minute inner journey of slow progressing, minimal-angled and lush swirling sound waves. These meet up with Davids signature aural Tibetan and Asian flavours as well as some occasional monk chants. Its effect is dreamful, hypnotizing, and immersive..." [Sonic Immersion] 2019 €13.00