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Skaredalen Funhouse LP Kapitn Platte - KUTTER 044 second album for this 'spaced out instrumental lo-fi lounge outfit from Norway' - "If you combine the ambience from THE NECKS, the lounge feel of THE FRIENDS OF DEAN MARTINEZ, and the travelling spirit of NEU mixed together in an apocalyptic THE DOORS vibe - then you get ATS!" - lim. 250 copies 2018 €18.00
Explosive Meditations LP Kapitn Platte - KUTTER 051 third album by this recommended 'space impro' outfit from Norway... "Free improvised and travelling up-right bass, chill-out combo organ, smooth drums, crispy guitars and a surfing lap-steel. If you combine the ambience from the NECKS and the doomsday revelations of PINK FLOYD's - a saucerful of secrets - you can get to where Action & Tension & Space are on this album..." - ed. of 400 copies on black vinyl 2019 €18.00