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Organum Electronics CD Siren Records SIREN 29 ORGANUM transmuted into ORGANUM ELECTRONICS, and also the sound became much more complex and noisier as before, without loosing the typical characteristics of repetition and timelessness.., 3 tracks of about 15 min., lim. 500 copies - "..'Electronics' is dense and huge; a roiling swamp of electric din that would appeal to fans of Jackmans early collaborations with The New Blockaders ('Salute'), and 'Wrack'), though this is more atmospheric than aggressive.." [HS / Vital Weekly] 2019 €14.00
Stilness CD Siren Records SIREN 30 2nd album of the new ORGANUM incarnation named ORGANUM ELECTRONICS, with a much more raw, unpolished drone noise sound that seems to sweep away everything... lim. 500 - "Wild vibrations touch our most innermost core and perception - Organum Electronics exists in the clear moment of the present - But its mysterious compositions lay hidden in a timeless past - Modulating oscillations mirror our most fundamental sense of being.." 2020 €14.00
Solitude CD Siren Records SIREN 31 the 3rd album of the new ORGANUM project continues where "Stilness" ended, with a kind of broad, amorph droning noize, somehow waving on microtonal levels, taking shape as a sonic "ghost"... very strong & energetic ! 500 copies 2021 €14.00
Darcknes CD Die SAtdt one of seven O.E. releases in a new series by DIE STADT, the sister album to "Quietude", monolithic metalllurgic walls of drones to wash your mind away... - "Think of this as being locked up in a factory, with sounds buzzing everywhere, and reminding me of the early harshness of Organum, sans electronics: dense, minimal and dark.." - lim.500 2023 €15.00
Quietude CD Die Stadt DS128 one of seven O.E. releases in a new series by DIE STADT: *A dense work, consisting of buzzing washes of electronic sounds, reminiscent of the very first Organum recordings. In common with other recent works, the piece uses a carefully chosen set of sound sources, overlaid and structured to form a tapestry of shifting textures.* - "...es gibt einen langen Track (hier 40 Minuten lang), der den Hrer unter sich zu begraben droht .." [African Paper] - lim. 500 2023 €15.00