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Air CD New Wave of Jazz a most surprising collaboration on this disc, with DIRK SERRIES (FEAR FALLS BURNING, etc.) delivering unusual basic sounds from accordeon, melodica, clarinet, harmonica, concertina ; ASMUS TIETCHENS has disintegrated, deformed and reassembled the material in his typical way, adding a most unreal note.. 6 tracks, 47 min., 300 copies 2019 €13.00
Die Hfner Akten CD Auf Abwegen aatp80 their second "solo" collaboration album, DIRK SERRIES delivering sounds on acoustic guitar. TIETCHENS created 16 pieces with this: " In many of these pieces, the acoustic guitar is to be recognized. Tietchens cuts up the material, creates loops, and finds interaction between these re-arrangements... there is a great variety in approaches here, as already noted, and it makes up quite a remarkable, different album for Tietchens." [FdW / Vital Weekly] - ed. of 300 copies 2022 €13.00