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The Four Seasons CD Megadiscs Classics MDC 7868 four challenging pieces by the Argentinian born, French composer, dedicated to the four seasons, created in the peroid from 1993 to 2008... "Music for me is a place for sound invention; I invent sounds, I organize them in complex and always different structures.." - comes with 32p. booklet 2015 €16.00
Sphaera LP RECOLLECTION GRM - REGRM028LP first re-issue of this tape work inspired by the 4 Elements, composed between 1984-1989 : ETERA - AQUATIQA - FOCOLORIA - TERRA => "....transcending matter with the help of novel digital audio techniques so as to draw out forms, trajectories, layers, and musical objects, all of which result from the merging or sublimation of primordial sounds" - remastered by G. IEALASI, stunning sleeve design STEPHEN O'MALLEY 2023 €20.00