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UPHEAVAL CD-R NO PART OF IT some years ago ARVO ZYLO constructed a drone piece out of "layered samples from pop divas holding sustained notes", and made 100 different versions out of it; this CD-R contains versions # 93 to # 99, interestingly shaped drone noise loops.. " At various times these transformations are taken to the extreme, enter Zylo's love for noise, with loops and sounds from the conveyor belts of an industry in decay, but also decay of a more subtle origin can be spotted.." [FdW/Vital Weekly] 2019 €9.00
Daydream Bereaver CD-R No Part Of It the Seattle-based artist and man behind the NO PART OF IT label, and main part of BLOOD RHYTHMS, with a trance-inducing, loopy solo disc, 4 tracks 57 min.playtime: - *Thick, complex drone sustained on and on. There are certain wavering subtleties contained within, but you\'ll need to concentrate with a good ear to notice them.... A careful listen will find \"voices\" and other \"things\"..* [CHAIN D.L.K.] - professionally duplicated and printed CD + cover, sealed jewel-case, US import 2022 €10.50