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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Endless Summer CD Editions MEGO emego 035 remixed version of the album from 2001, plus 2 bonus tracks (one of them previously unreleased) 2007 €13.00
June LP Table of the Elements TOE-LP-100 / Fm100 (Fermium) release in the new TOTE guitar vinyl-series (12 LPs!), a one-sided LP with etching by SAVAGE PENCIL on the other side; comes on beautiful orange-marbled or clear vinyl. Mastered by JAMES PLOTKIN 2008 €17.00
Transition 7 Touch Seven TS 04 7"-only series, nice full-colour design, lim. 500 2008 €7.50
Live in Japan - Part one LP Editions Mego emego 110.1 recordings taken from the Japan-tour 2009 part one 2010 €16.00
Live in Japan - Part two LP Editions Mego emego 110.2 recordings taken from the Japan-tour 2009 part two 2010 €16.00
Seven Stars maxi-CD Touch Tone 44 CD-version of the lately released 10" vinyl, 4 tracks with brilliant new material, feat. STEVEN HESS 2011 €9.00
AUN: The Beginning and the End CD Ash International ASH95 Original Soundtrack to the film with the same name by EDGAR HONETSCHL─GER, feat. R. SAKAMOTO on some tracks; comes with 28page full colour booklet with stills from the film 2012 €14.50
17.02.12 BOX Song Cycle 170212 collectors item lim. 500 - amazing box documenting Fennesz live performance in Florence in a museum Febr. 2012: 2 x LP, CD, photo-gallery, 12p photographic book, and 2 DVDs, all housed in extra folder & box! 2013 €111.00
17.02.12 do-LP Song Cycle 170212DLP a documentation of a stunning Fennesz live performance that happened Florence in a museum, February 2012; available before as part of a limited collectors box 2013 €29.00
Becs CD Editions Mego eMEGO 165CD first FENNESZ solo-album since 'Black Sea" (2008), which goes again more into the atmospheric 'abstract pop' direction well-grounded with the famous "Endless Summer" album in 2001=> timeless harmonic driftmusic with enough rawness, surprising elements and unusual arrangements to fascinate again; feat. diverse guest-musicians such as TONY BUCK (THE NECKS) 2014 €13.50
Mahler Remix do-LP Touch ‎ľ Tone 52v FENNESZ remixes GUSTAV MAHLERs symphonies in his typical levitating way, a recording made at Radiokulturhaus Vienna in May 2011; "... yet Fennesz deftly layers elongations and dilations of tone into impressionist pools of reflective sound, flecked with his rasping buzz of tricked out digital noise and a couple of Philip Jeck style intrusions of antique turntable surface noise with a haunted melody struggling to peer outward." [Aquarius Rec.] VERY LAST COPIES! 2016 €23.00
Agora LP Touch TO:115 more than 4 years after the last albums "Becs" and "Mahler Remix" FENNESZ is back with 5 tracks recorded in a much reduced way, without a studio and in his bedroom with simple equipment; wonderfully drifting ambient-scapes and glimpses of melodies, endless melancholy and elevation combined... "At times it is ethereally forlorn and at others defiantly joyful delivering some of the most uplifting pieces of music this year." [Drowned In Sound] - lim. vinyl version 2019 €22.50