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(A)Quarter mCD-R Taalem alm 130 FRANS DE WAARD beatless ambient project with a new one-tracker (22+ min) - "(A) Quarter) has a very deliberate pace, gliding patiently across its three sections. It opens with some cosmic bloops, drifts into a center section of darker distant feedback peels and an arhythmic thrum, then returns triumphantly to a Berlin-School-flavored finale of blissful analog filigree." [HS/Vital Weekly] 2019 €5.50
(an) Exterior MC Infraction INFX 075 rare cassette (C-60) by FRANS DE WAARD's channel for "vintage analogue" ambience, think of early 80's dark synth music (COLIN POTTER, etc.) - "Deep synths passages, small shimmering melodies, vast drones, mildly processed field recordings, it is all one long, spacious journey of one of the unique voices in experimental music..." - lim. 50 copies with full colour fold out cover; CD version on request ! 2021 €9.50