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Dinorwic CD Cold Spring CSR286CD dreamy, monumental dark ambient using field recordings from a gigantic former quarry in North Wales, the drones are ultra deep and slowly drifting, as you become part (unconsciously) of the subterranean stone landscape... "Each track is named after an area of the quarry, descending ever deeper through each rock gallery, with their acoustically unique echoes and sounds.." - second full length CD by the Welsh geomorphic ambient project 2020 €12.50
Du Y Moroedd CD Cold Spring CSR302CD the masterpiece by the Welsh project, truly "dark oceanic" or "nautical" drone music, based on field recordings of the ocean, coast and underwater on boat trips around North Wales and Greenland with the mission to find shipwrecks from WW1 with newest sonar techniques; "Du Y Moroedd" means in Welsh "the black of the sea"; you might hear the echoes of the dead sailors here.... 10 tracks, 77 min., 6 panel digipak with wonderful photos from the region 2022 €13.00