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Paris to Calcutta, Men and Music on the Desert Road BOOK + 4 CDs Sublime Frequencies SF 112 beautiful art book and ethno music document with photos and field recordings of traditional music from Bedouin camps, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Pakistan and Greece, all recorded 1955 (!), first time published! - DEBEN BHATTACHARYA (1921-2001) was a field recordist, poet, filmmaker, musicologist from India....- 4 CDs with 43 tracks, four hours of music, 160 pages cloth bound cover 2018 €52.50
Music on the Desert Road LP Fantome Phonographique OME1014 new issue of this LP from 1958 (!) by the Indian ethnomusicologist and radio producer, feat. recordings from journeys through the Middle East (Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, as well as India and Pakistan).. "this LP is one of the best and earliest documents of the diverse and rich musical traditions of the Middle East. Subtitled 'A Sound Travelogue by Deben Bhattacharya', 'Music On The Desert Road' is exactly that, a beautiful and flowing document of the region's sound." - lim. 500 2019 €18.50