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Patterns of Consciousness CD Important Records IMPREC449 CD version of her acclaimed 2nd album, with 4 panel booklet - "Gorgeous high resolution analog textures and algorithmic melodies unfold under Barbieri's careful control, exploring the basic nature of sound and consciousness. These pieces are minimal in arrangement but maximal in presence asserting Barbieri as a unique voice in contemporary electronic music composition" - "An imperial, exacting beauty." [The Wire] 2017 €15.00
Fantas Variations do-LP EMEGO 279LP remix compilation with excellent / surprising material (all tracks are reworks of the original composition "Fantas" by C. BARBIERI from the album 'Ecstatic Computation' [EMEGO 259] ), focused on many tracks on one instrument : EVELYN SAYLOR (female choir with STINE JANVNI), KALI MALONE (two organs), WALTER ZANETTI (E Guitar), KARA-LIS COVERDALE, CARLO MARIA, BASECK, BENDIK GISKE, BASECK. and BARBIERI remixes her own material, too... 2021 €25.50
Vertical MC Cassauna SAUNA22 re-issue of her debut-album from 2014 (came on Cassette, too), composed for vocals and Buchla 200 modular synthesizer - "Vertical takes a meditative approach to primary waveforms and the polyrhythm of harmonics, stretching the boundaries between drone, minimalism and techno in multichannel systems.." 2021 €15.00
Spirit Exit do-LP Light-Years LY 001 new album by the Italian modular synth innovator, recorded in 2020 during the pandemia isolation, being inspired by female philosophers, mystics and poets, like St. Teresa D'Avila, Rosi Braidotti and Emily Dickinson.. - "Spirit Exit crystallizes Barbieri's densely layered, blindingly bright synth arrangements while introducing stunning new elements that feel as if they've always belonged" - lim. SILVER col. vinyl 2022 €31.50