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A Moon that Lights Itself CD Omnempathy OMCD08 this profound and beautiful work ( "for electronics, strings and moonlight"), released in conjunction with an exhibition ("Inspiring Impressionism: DAUBIGNY, MONET ,VAN GOGH) by the National Galleries Scotland, follows the idea of "Musical Nocturnes" to be played / performed for paintings of nocturnal scences (like the cover painting by CHARLES F. DAUBIGNY) from the 19th century..."one of his finest solo offerings in a release that is sombre, inventive and utterly captivating." [Compulsion Onl.] 2016 €13.00
Titan : A Crane is a Bridge CD Omnempathy OMCD09 award winning work by the Scottish composer =>: an impressive audio installation made on / with the gigantic Clydebank Titan crane in Scotland (for the Sonica Festival 2017), which served as performance space and instrument, for the composition; he used field recordings from the area and self build aeolian harps capturing the winds, vibrations and resonances on/of the crane, thus 8 immersive drone-pieces with lots of layers and variations were constructed... highly recommended !! 2017 €13.00
Sonambulo CD Omnempathy OMCD12 MICHAEL BEGG (FOVEA HEX, HUMAN GREED) is back with a more experimental and conceptual solo album with a surrealistic touch that was created & performed in Mexico end of 2018 during a residency, a kind of melancholic aural picturing 'dreamscape' of British painter LEONARA CARRINGTON (who lived in Mexico after WWII)... ed. of 150 copies only 2019 €13.00
Vanitas CD Omnempathy OMCD11 "VANITAS is another semi-conscious descent into the liminal territories between contemporary composition and electronic erosion. I am still consumed by landscape, by memory, by *that* sense of longing. And I still cannot stop staring at the moon." [M Begg] - "There are few more nocturnal musicians than Michael Begg. I do not exaggerate when I place him in a high firmament alongside ARVO PRT and COIL. Beggs is a music to make the twilight last, and in that liminal area he sets his table.." [Fear Drop] 2019 €13.00
Moonlight and Sentiment CD Klanggalerie GG 412CD "This music does not create a song for our ears. It is a 'state', such as moonlight poured over the fields...". - extremely subtle and floating, lulling melancholia ambience, like slowly drifting clouds in the sky,.. MICHAEL BEGGs (HUMAN GREED, FOVEA HEX, BLACK GLASS ENSEMBLE) dark romantic explorations are almost not tangible, pouring out of special mental states... 2022 €15.00