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Heavy Metal Cyclothymia / Science Friction CD Industrial Recollections / Ultra recordings from 1996 and 1999, "Heavy Metal Cyclothimia" was originally released on a split-tape with CISFINITUM, "Science Friction" as ULTRA U32 (split with COMFORTER) - these noise compositions are filled with machine-like samples, raw found sounds and more collage-like eruptions, all assembled to a fast changing stream of low fi industrial noise that you can hardly find these days.... 2018 €12.50
Radio Stigmata CD Industrial Recollections / Ultra a historical document of the "early" Russian industrial avantgarde, "Radio Stigmata" was released on the legendary ULTRA label in 1996 in an edition of only 15 copies, the project of A. LEBEDEV-FRONTOV was standing for very handmade / analogue mechanical industrial noise and rusty sounds... "It is nearly impossible to find as rugged, as crude and as rusty industrial noise in genre these days. Bleak and rotten sound, with broken mechanical feel" 2018 €12.50
Vaginacentrism CD Industrial Recollections / Ultra "Physiological Symphony in 4 Paroxysms" - another re-issue of a rare ULTRA tape by the project of A. LEBEDEV-FRONTOV, who terrorizes you with finest low fi old school harsh noise collages, Russian found sounds voices speeches radio porn movies and roaring noises in different shades, + a nice sick / surrealistic cover ... the whole was recorded in November 1996 and appeared as ULTRA U17 in an edition of only 50 copies 2018 €12.50
Chinese Meat CD Industrial Recollections the re-issue series of rare cassettes from the Russian radical collage noiser continues with "Chinese Meat" from 2000 (Ultra U36)..."Eerie feeling of old Soviet avantgarde clashes with industrial-noise tape manipulations. It is nearly impossible to find as rugged, as crude and as rusty industrial noise in genre these days" 2020 €12.50
Veprisuicida CD Industrial Recollections one of the seven CD re-issues of rare VEPRISUICIDA cassettes (the project of ALEXANDER LEBEDEV-FRONTOV, most important figure of Russian industrial, also known for his projects LINIJA MASS and VETROPHONIA), released in tiny editions on the ULTRA label - this one appeared originally in 1996 - "Bleak and rotten sound, with broken mechanical feel, were saturated tape manipulations and disruptive pause edits add further charm..." 2020 €12.50
Zlvoennonamerennaya Neopoznanayakobelyombledno Zheleznayadevstvenitsa CD Industrial Recollections the crazy title translates as: "evil-military-intentional / not recognized by a male dog / pale iron / virgin" (thanks, Artyom!) => surely one of the most bizarre, dadaistic noise-werks of VEPRISUICIDA, these low-fi / trash collages can go in any possible direction you can fancy, and they let you almost no time to breathe.. (this was first released as K7 in 1996 on Ultra).. 2020 €12.50