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Nowadays Warm CD-R Daphnia Records PH01 re-edition of the first EIG-album from 2004; highly melancholic ambient drones from Russia; comes in full colour cardboard cover, compared to guitarish TROUM or AIDAN BAKER solo; BACK IN STOCK! 2006 €9.00
Domination: Audiometry CD-R Daphnia Records PH11 re-issue of first mCDR from 2004, with 18min bonus track; peaceful & harmonic drone-ambience - very beautiful 2009 €9.00
Raktasonic CD-R Daphnia Records PH09 pure contemplative drone-muzak, soft & caressing transcendental waves of overtuning sound... 2009 €9.00
Moments ( Моменты ) CD Frozen Light FZL065 pure overtone-muzak for overcoming the time - a one tracker of 52+ min length / - "It will open your vision and let you trespass a mysterious world of transcendentalism and inner equilibrium....another magic listening experience, which confuses my emotional state of mind and pleases my search for aural satisfaction. Recommended, highly recommended" [Concrete Web] - numbered ed. 300 copies in lovely full colour package 2018 €13.00