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Sounds of the Projection Box LP Gruenrekorder GRUEN 177 lovely concept / sound art album with recordings of analogue/35mm 'Cinema Projection Boxes' (now that most Cinemas have converted into digital), made in UK 2016-2017 ==> the noises coming from inside the projection machines, different functions of it and captured through various recording techniques and at various places... excellent full-colour gatefold design with printed inner sleeves, and extensive liner notes about the phenomenon... 2018 €18.00
Ring Road Ring LP Gruenrekorder GRUEN 195 mysterious sounds and drones, derived from the "Coventry Ring Road", a 'brutalist megastructure' of roads surrounding the city of Coventry, captured through contact microphones attached to the pylons of it... these different kind of raw field recordings sound like the Unconscious of machines and pure concrete and reveal hissing structures, breaths, tones... "I was immediately surprised by how melancholy the ring-road sounds" [M. Lightborne] - lim. 300 with printed inner sleeve + inlay; highly recommended! 2020 €18.00